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.Millions In Private Foundation Grants Now Available!
Finding and receiving assistance from private foundations has just been made easy! Are you an individual looking for money to start a business, go to school, or even purchase a home! We will show you how to obtain money from non-profit organizations (Over 840,000 Listed organizations currently in our database!!!) You will find the funding you are looking for. There is over 100 billion dollars available for the year 2006! Private foundations are required by law to give away a minimum of 5% of their assets each and every year or they will lose their non-profit status.



What are Foundation Grants?

Foundation grants are Free Cash Grants provided to the general public by organizations that are involved in assisting people with specific needs.

Program Benefits:

Our program gives you, the average grant seeker the ability to search our entire database of over 840,000 Non-Profit organizations. In mere seconds our program will assist you in locating organizations that are giving away money in your state and local area. We provide you with every tool you need in order to complete your funding request! This program is the only one of it's kind in the nation!

This database is owned and operated by Our Company. No other company in the world has access to this nor will they.

Other companies are making claims of complete listings and we challenge you to call them and or email them and see if they can personally provide you with the details on over EIGHT HUNDRED FORTY THOUSAND NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS!!!

They cannot!

We can & Do!

Search the entire database by your choice of need! (business, education, housing, medical, etc...)!

Search your city for non profits and private foundations that fit your need!

Search your state for non profits and private foundations that fit your need!

Search you zip code for non profits and private foundations that fit your need!

Search for non-profits and private foundations through your own keyword search choices!

The ability to complete and print your Application on your own home computer!

Can be used anywhere in the world on any computer.

Results are provided instantly for every given area. Once you locate an agency to apply to you will be able to simply point and click your way through an application.



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